1. Tinnitus Treatment App: To evaluate the use of notched music as a therapy to alleviate your tinnitus.
  2. Tinnitus Snapshot: Determining the characteristics of your tinnitus.

We seek volunteers for preliminary trials to determine the practicality of delivering notched music therapy using your iPhone for alleviating tinnitus.

Music Therapy

Music therapy, in which the frequency band of the afflicted person's tinnitus is silenced or notched, has been shown to alleviate the intensity of tinnitus. We are developing a low cost way of delivering this therapy using your own music on your iPhone.

This preliminary trial has the following aims:

  • Can the therapy be delivered via iPhone?
  • Is our App user friendly?
  • Is the App in its current form suitable for a large-scale clinical trial that will evaluate efficacy?

Each volunteer will experiment with our application, installed on their iPhone, to determine the frequency band, loudness and other characteristics of their tinnitus. A blinded approach is built into the software to ensure accuracy and reproducibility in these determinations.

We ask you to complete:

We will keep your information confidential.

Norman Priebatsch

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